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1996 — по настоящее время








Ethnic (Europe/Asia) Black Metal




Kill me Prod
Magik Art


Karjala King - вокал, ритм , акустическая гитара
Bereg - соло , ритм гитара
White - бас,бэк-вокал
Andr - ударные, перкуссия


PERUNЪ - Russian Black Metal band from Rostov-on-Don City. Pioneer of Russian Black Metal (Since 1995)

PERUNЪ - Российская Black Metal группа из города Ростов-на-Дону. Пионеры Black Metal России (Since 1995)




Perunъ project was created in autumn 1996 in Rostov-on-Don by a man called Karjala King. Until the year 2003 Perunъ was a one-man project. That was the way the first album called «Fire» was recorded. Rare folk instruments were used during the recording and also the Don Cossack Folk Chorus was invited to take part in the creation of the album. Early Perun music was some kind of searching and reasoning on love for folklore, paganism, primal wildness, nature-and-human fusion... In 2002 Karjala released on his own label «Kill Me Production» a limited edition single «The White Sea». Deliberate long hermitage in Karelia woods and on the isles of White Sea, complete loneliness, searching for spiritual powers and a new way brought the idea of this record. The original lyrics of «The White Sea» were influenced by the karelian-finnish poetry and Kalevala epos. Almost all parts Karjala recorded alone. His helper in keyboards recording became architect of human sorrow Varthan. In summer 2003 Perunъ regenerates into a full-fledged band or to be precise a trio. Bass-player Viktor and drummer Vladimir joined Perunъ.

This was the staff to let them play their first gig with local death-metal band Torture Garden on October 29th 2003. The gig-thirst led Karjala to create in 2004 his own extreme music festival Armageddon metal fest, that took place in elite building of the city’s philharmonic. At that time the band’s crew joined art director Peter Mayorov, whose photo-art works used to be exhibited in the halls of the buildings where Perunъ performed. On April 12th, 2004 within the limit of the World Tour «Thunderball» famous U.D.O. visited Rostov-on-Don. Perunъ was the support band to open his gig. Not long before that event Viktor quit the band to be replaced by a bass-player called Jinn. The guitar might of Perunъ doubled as Skalthor of Torture Garden joined the team Shortly after that Perunъ with a new drummer (Manaz) leaves for St. Petersburg to the Black Metal Fest. The gig took place in «Arctica» club on the 8th of may. Perunъ shared the stage with such bands as Serpens, Drama and Ashen Light.In a fortnight on may 21st the band presented itself in the Northern capital of Russia again. This time it was Folk Metal Fest-2 with "Pagan Reign", "Nomans Land, Troll is bending a fur-tree, Butterfly Temple, Alkonost and others. By the first away gigs the band’s music became thrashing and aggressive but it didn’t lose its peculiar view on folk. After those concerts Jinn quits the band and Baal Beck in past the front man of a local techno/death band «Detonator» takes his place. On august 7th 2004 Perunъ performed on Ukrainian open-air fest Metal Heads Mission. The band opened the performance of the first day headliner – Dead Infection of Poland. On october 22nd the second Armageddon metal fest took place in the Southern capital of Russia. There performed, in particular, Drama, Torture Garden and Bestial Deform. A week later again in St. Petersburg «Arctica» club Perunъ shares the stage with a black-metal legend Impaled Nazarene... The year 2005 remained in the band members’ family with consistent concerts with the legendary Behemoth in Rostov-on-Don (march 18th) and Moscow (march 19th), there was presented a new single «Wings like winds». Following those gigs Perunъ parted with art-director Peter Mayorov. Also the regular Armageddon metal fest took place on the 3rd of june in Rostov-on-Don. On the 2nd of November Perunъ shares the stage with a greek band Rotting Christ. The material accumulated and sharped within 2 years was immortalized in a full-scale album «Inside of his shadow...I am!!!», released in spring 2006. The name and the conception of the album consist of searching the contrast between human feelings. That is searching the verge between cave life, primitive state of human soul and it’s the most malicious enemy-developing intellect, the killer of human spirit! Having rested and mustered their strength Perunъ continues concert activity to perform in 2007 with such bands as Marduk (april 10th – Krasnodar), (april 11th Rostov-on-Don), Cradle of Filth (may 4th - Krasnodar) and Pain (may 19th - Krasnodar). To be continued…

PERUNЪ is a small planet (Asteroid) - 4250.An absolute star size is 11, 9 m.



Официальный год создания 1996 год (Осень). Долгое время, вплоть до 2003 года, PERUNЪ существовал, как one man project . ?менно в таком качестве был записан первый концептуальный альбом “Огонъ”(1997),состоявший из двух частей (“Солнце”/“Луна”). На записи можно услышать специально приглашённый Донской народный хор, редкие народные инструменты и многое другое. Ранняя музыка PERUNЪ - это эксперименты на стыке различных культур стран Европы и Азии. Несмотря на действительно оригинальный и самобытный материал, было принято решение отложить издание этого альбома на несколько лет.

В 2002 году у PERUNЪ выходит сингл ”TheWhite Sea”, изданный на собственном лейбле “Kill Me Production”. Влияние карело-финской поэзии помогло создать оригинальную лирику, ставшей стержнем сингла “The White Sea”. На этот раз слушатель попадает в царство дикой природы севера… Хруст льда, рваные стоны белого моря, крики шаманов и их ритуалы, всё это можно встретить и прочувствовать на записи “The White Sea”. Летом 2003 года PERUNЪ перерождается из проекта одного человека в полноценную группу, точнее трио и даёт свой первый концерт (29.11.03) при поддержке команды «Torture Garden». ?дея продолжать концертную деятельность привела к созданию собственного локального фестиваля «Armageddon Metal Fest», впоследствии ставшего регулярным и важным как для зрителей, так и для музыкантов южного региона России. Примерно в это время у группы появляется официальный арт. директор Пётр Майоров - талантливый фотохудожник. В результате рождается творческий союз Dark Art искусства и музыки…

После первых концертов группе официально присоединяются Skalthor(Guitar), «MМ» (Drums), а также Baal Beck (Bass) – в недавнем прошлом лидер легендарной Ростовской Techno/Death группы DETONATOR… Группа обретает дополнительную мощь, как в музыкальном, так и в интеллектуальном плане.

В 2005 году Karjala KING подписывает первый официальный контракт с независимым лейблом «NORDICMUSIC». В 2006 году в свет выходит альбом “Inside of his shadow…I am!!!”. В поддержку альбома“Inside of his shadow…I am!!!”, PERUNЪ даёт ряд важных концертов, участвует в турах с такими группами, как SAMAEL, UDO, IMPALED NAZARENE, ROTTING CHRIST, CRADLE OF FILTH, PAIN, MARDUK, BEHEMOTH и многими другими.

Гастрольная деятельность продолжается вплоть до 2009 года.

В том же, 2009 году, группа полностью преображается. В PERUNЪ приходят новые музыканты, меняется концепция, планы и задачи. В обновлённом составе Karjala KING издаёт сингл, записанный в 2008 году «SILVER CORD» и готовит материал для следующего, полноформатного альбома «ALAM» Алам اس, выход которого намечен на 2010 год.

PERUNЪ - малая планета (астероид) номер 4250. Абсолютная звёздная величина 11.9 m.


  • Written by Ellen Simpson on Tuesday 02 September, 2008. Last updated on Tuesday 02 September, 2008

  • I recently had the opportunity to talk to veteran Russian black metaller Karjala King, on the topic of his band PerunЪ. A hard-working and hard-thinking band, PerunЪ have gathered a lot of support through live appearances, and now seek to consolidate the interest that has built up around them by making a real impact with a planned EP and album, due later this year. We had a very interesting chat about music, evolutionary theories and the fascinating melding of East and West that occurs in PerunЪ's home country.

Hail PerunЪ, how are you doing?

  • SLAVA!!! Everything is just fine, the summer sun is trying to burn everything down. The southern steppes are resembling the deserts... the Gods are with us!

The occasion for this interview is that you are in the process of recording a new album; can you give us any updates on how that is going?

  • Yes, we are now actually finishing the work over the new single "Silver Cord". This album is a strict expression of what we were striving for, both in respect of a sound, and the material of content. The new songs are powerful, filled with the new independent ideas that were developed for years. A special attention was given to the new philosophy which we consequently reached. Despite the already formed image of PerunЪ for the masses, the true understanding of our way did not come at once... The year 2008 is considered by us to be the year of PerunЪ's birth, or to be more exact - RE-birth of PerunЪ!!!

As for details, the release of "Silver Cord" single is planned for September, 2008. The album is comprised by 4 tracks:

  • 1. Astral Alphabet Key(Meditation)
  • 2. Fiery Hearse
  • 3. Golden Triangle(Ideal)
  • 4. Star Web

The full-length "Golden Triangle" album is to be released in winter, years 2008-2009!

Your last full-length, "Inside of His Shadow...I Am!" was themed around the contrast of human feelings; what has been your central theme and inspiration for the new album?

  • The "Inside of His Shadow...I Am!!!" album was based upon analysis and observations. It was interesting for me to construct analogies between the prehistoric people (the primates) and the nowadays society. I came to a conclusion that there was SOMETHING inside of us all, something peculiar, wild, and not yet studied....Something that will never abide us!!! Let's call it conventionally an evolution, a transition from an animal to a human being, a homo sapiens. There are many who think this transition is accomplished but I stick to another point of view. All of us are still but the animals, although more cunning and dodgy as compared to our smaller brothers...
  • The aim of the "Silver Cord" album is to cover the rather rare aspects for the black metal scene- those of the abstract and esoteric. Attempts were made to connect not only the history and culture of the northern and eastern peoples, but also to consider the mechanisms of the Universe from the different points of view. We strive to find explanations for, and to unite as one the views of many generations, peoples, and cultures of our continent. The modern theosophy, esoteric, and the pagan magic - these are our tools. I think, we had a success.

Would you say your music has developed in any new directions since your last album? How would you desribe the Perun' sound these days?

  • Yes, no doubt that the new material does actually differ from the album "Inside of His Shadow…I Am!!!" If we speak of sound, of the execution of the material and the content, and of may other things, a thought may occur. WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW!!! As a whole, the material is mid-tempo. No loss of expressiveness, but instead the increase of maturity and power. The sound became clearer and heavier. Also, the vocals were altered. These became more powerful, but the scream is still there so that to give a tint to the character. Also, dramatic effect and melodies did appear.

PerunЪ had quite folky origins, which can be heard in the original releases Karjala King put out; do you still feel connected to your folk roots?

  • Well yes, the history of PerunЪ has now exceeded 11 years, but the first releases are still dear and important to us. The links to the past are strong, and it is no wonder, for we appreciate our origins and love our Motherland. In my first album, "Fire", I could reflect what I felt and experienced in that period. In the musical terms, I wanted to move forth and to develop, for the world is beautiful and full of wonders!!! I'm interested in the history and culture of many nations! It happened so that my native city is located exactly on the borderline between Europe and Asia, and it has a consequence that the culture of this region is quite rich and manifold. It is a certain mix with thousands of tears of history. I try to reflect everything that I feel and hear while being in such unusual a place. Thus my next album, like its predcessors will be different, and not less interesting.

Speaking of the early days, perhaps you could tell the history of the band for our readers?

  • Well, naturally. Once, after a rehearsal with a local radical black metal formation "Wind Hearse" I came to an idea of a side project Perun', which then consumed me totally and I had to leave "Wind Hearse". We only managed to record and release an album but I could no longer combine the two projects. The history of origin has many analogs in other bands with the only difference that during these 11 years the body of PerunЪ has remained unaltered in which I take much pride. The first concerts, fests, and tour brought fame to the band by and by. We all worked a lot, I woke up with the thoughts about Perun' and lay to bed thinking of the same. The life goes on like it used to, only now I am 32, and that time I was 22.

PerunЪ is a Slavic Zeus figure - a god of thunder and ruler of the other gods; what made you choose this name for your band?

  • A dilemma concerning the name of the band has never been before me, for I walk under the Perun' banner since my childhood. It was my father who inspired me telling me of this god. This name was with me all my life, and what is more I do really feel a connection with the god of thunder and lightning, he lends me his ear, he sees me, and helps me with going forth on the road of life.

In Marcel's Banziger from HDG Distribution(Holland) review of your debut album, our reviewer pointed out that it was difficult to get hold of your music outside Russia. Do you think that there are difficult barriers for metal bands outside of western Europe to overcome just to get themselves heard?

  • I agree fully with the afore mentioned opinion. Not so long ago, the state of affairs on the Russian Musical market was far from good, but the situation alters now!!! It is more often that the western producers and companies pay their attention to the bands from Eastern Europe and Russia. At the current moment, many Russian bands strive to sign under the profitable contracts with the help of which could make their music available to the people of the world. This is our goal, too... Our new album has brought us some interesting offers already, although the single is not for sale so long officially. In this case, the Internet lent us a good favor.

Many of our readers will not know a lot of Russian bands; is there a strong scene in your area? What other bands would you recommend to someone who wanted to hear more?

  • This is the fact- unfortunately, due to the lack of a decent assistance, lots of bands are still unknown in Europe... but before long the state of affairs will change! The scene has enough strength!!! I can name you some bands from the territory of the former USSR which manifested themselves in Europe and the whole world. The most successful are: Nokturnal Mortum, Temnozor, Arkona, Kroda, Lucifagum… In fact in Russia as in any other country of the world, there are interesting bands and the bands of little interest. The talented and hard-working are successful.

PerunЪ has a reputation as a strong live band, having opened for Impaled Nazarene, Rotting Christ, Marduk and Pain to name a few. Do you feel that live shows are a central aspect of the band? What has been your best live experience so far?

  • The live shows are an integral part of our life!!! We take part practically in all fests and tours. The concerts are very important for us as they give us a chance to see the reaction of fans to our new songs and albums. The power at the concerts is simply crazy, and is very inspiring for further working. One of the best live shows we had back in Moscow... We came to Moscow during a joint tour with Samael, and the impressions we had were of the extremely positive nature!!! In that tour, we played songs from the afore mentioned single. Also, a concert with Cradle of Filth we had in Krasnodar was the one to remember... A show you can never forget!!! We talked a lot with the guys from Cradle and, let me say so, we made friends. But the craziest show we had with UDO, as it was or first significant concert and UDO himself was my childhood's idol...

Are there any bands you would love to play with but haven't had the chance yet?

  • To be frank, I never thought of it. I think it would be nice to play together with Immortal, and with those who left the scene (Bathory and Dissection)

What is next for PerunЪ? Will you be doing more tours after the release of your album, or taking a well-deserved rest?! What are your goals for the future?

  • Our next planned step is to wait before the end of editing for our first video clip which we shot just 3 or 4 before... the video is based on the song "Golden Triangle". I'm very happy we gathered round us the real professionals having a vast experience in working in cinema industry. So, take little patience... Before long we will appear in a new light, to reflect our thinking on this state of development. In the end of 2008-2009 we plan to take a tour across Europe, and we wait for you on our concerts in Holland, Belgium, Germany, and probably elsewhere.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview; we wish you all the best with the album and beyond. I'll see you at the bar in one of the above countries! If you have any last messages for the world, please go ahead:

  • Thank you too for your questions! I hope we soon will have many good reasons for meetings and interviews.

And a message to the world, or, more precisely,, to its people...

  • Stay True! Stay Metal! FOREVER AND EVER!
  • Karjala King (PERUNЪ)


  • Original magazine interview link is here:


  • 1997 - Огонъ (Full-length)
  • 2003 - The White Sea (single)
  • 2005 - Wings Like Winds (single)
  • 2005 - Wings Like Winds (Live)(DVD)
  • 2006 - Inside Of His Shadow... I Am!!!(Full-length)
  • 2009 - Silver Cord (single)

(Shows and Tours)(Концерты)

  • Past Shows and Tours:


Present Shows and Tours:

  • 15/01/2010 ARMAGEDDON METAL FEST-6 at «Big Sound club» (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 16/01/2010 SVAROG KOLO FEST (Mariupol) city (Ukraine)


  • 17/10/ 2009 SOUTHERN STORM FEST (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 03/09/ 2009 at «Bassbochka club» (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 29/08/2009 Highlander's Dominion Metal Fest 2009 at «Philharmonic Hall» (Cherkessk)(Karachaevo Circassian Republic)
  • 11/04/2009 ARMAGEDDON METAL FEST-5 (vol.2) at «Bassbochka club» (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 01/03/2009 ARMAGEDDON METAL FEST-5 (vol.1) visited «Stavropoulos» city (Russia) «Major Club»
  • 23/02/2008 SAMAEL (Switzerland) + PERUNЪ (Russia) at (Podzemka Club)(Rostov-on-Don)
  • 22/02/2008 SAMAEL (Switzerland) + PERUNЪ (Russia) at (Kalashnikoff Club) (Krasnodar)
  • 02/02/2008 PERUNЪ (Russia) + ROSSOMOHAAR (Russia) + ARKONA (Russia) visited «Stavropoulos» city (Russia) «Kir Club»
  • 13/10/2007 PERUNЪ (Russia) + AMORPHIS (Finn) at (DKR) (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 19/05/2007 PAIN (Sweden) + PERUNЪ at (Orbita Club) (Krasnodar)
  • 03/06/2007 PERUNЪ (Russia) + Colder Than Moon (Russia) +First Martyr at (Podzemka Club)(Rostov-on-Don)
  • 04/05/2007 CRADLE OF FILTH (England) + PERUNЪ at (Premiere Hall) (Krasnodar)
  • 12/04/2007 MARDUK (Sweden) + PERUNЪ (Russia) + DEVELISH IMPRESSIONS (Poland) at (Podzemka Club) (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 10/04/2007 MARDUK (Sweden) + PERUNЪ (Russia)+DEVELISH IMPRESSIONS (Poland) at (Orbita Club) (Krasnodar)
  • 18/03/2007 PERUNЪ (Russia) + Selena (Russia) at (Podzemka Club) (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 03/06/2006 ARMAGEDDON METAL FEST-4 (Rostov-on-Don) at (Philharmonic Hall)
  • 04/12/2005 PERUNЪ (Russia) + visited «Stavropoulos» city (Russia) (Karjala’s birthday) at (DOF)
  • 05/11/2005 PERUNЪ (Russia) + EPICRISE (Ukraine) at (DOF Club) (Stavropoulos)
  • 02/11/2005 ROTTING CRIST (Greece) + PERUNЪ (Russia) at (DKR) (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 23/09/2005 ARMAGEDDON METAL FEST-3 at (DKR) (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 25/02/2008 SAMAEL (Switzerland) + PERUNЪ (Russia) at (Tochka Club) (Moscow)
  • 19/03/2004 BEHEMOTH (Poland) + PERUNЪ (Russia) + NEOLITH (Poland) (Barbarossa Tour-2) (Moscow) at (Relax Club)
  • 18/03/2004 BEHEMOTH (Poland) + PERUNЪ (Russia) + NEOLITH (Poland) (Barbarossa Tour-2) (Rostov-on-Don) at (Philharmonic)
  • 29/10/2004 IMPALED NAZARENE (Finn) + PERUNЪ (Russia) at (The Arctic Club) St. Petersburg
  • 22/10/2004 ARMAGEDDON METAL FEST-2 Rostov-on-Don at (DOF Club)
  • 07/08/2004 PERUNЪ performed on yearly Ukrainian Festival «Metal Heads’ Mission -5».
  • 21/05/2004 PERUNЪ performed on yearly «Folk Metal Festival» at (The Arctic Club) St. Petersburg
  • 08/05/2004 PERUNЪ performed on yearly «Black Metal Festival» at (The Arctic Club) St. Petersburg
  • 12/04/2004 U.D.O + PERUNЪ (Gorky Theatre) Rostov-on-Don
  • 21/03/2004 ARMAGEDDON METAL FEST-1 at (Philharmonic Hall) (Rostov-on-Don)
  • 29/11/ 2003, PERUNЪ (Russia) + TORTURE GARDEN (Russia) at (DOF Club) (Rostov-on-Don)


PERUNЪ (Trailer) (2009) "Golden Triangle" from upcoming album "SILVER CORD"


  • Karjala KING - lead vocals, rhythm & acoustic guitars
  • BEREG - lead & rhythm guitars
  • WHITE - bass & back vocal
  • ANDREY - drums & percussions


  • Ex-members:
  • SKALTHOR(2004-2008) - lead & rhythm guitars
  • MANAZ(2004-2008) - drums & percussions
  • JINN(2004-2008) - bass
  • BAAL BECK(2004-2008) - bass and saxophones
  • VIKTOR(2003-2004) - bass
  • VLADIMIR(2003-2004) - drums


  • Want more info on PerunЪ (Russia)?
  • Visit PerunЪ (Russia)'s band information pages!

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